Sons of the Wind
Classical Dressage

The over 400-year-old traditions of the European Dressage Masters are honored with perfection at Sons of the Wind through training and riding. The mystical and magical movements by horses that were presented to royalty and families of aristocrats centuries ago still endure today at our farm. Our magnificent Lusitanos move in a “Royal” like fashion for all the present day “kings” and “aristocrats” (our clients and students) who visit and train at our farm. In addition to all who have an appreciation for tradition, style and grace. Vitor Silva, a native of Portugal and a master trainer, has both preserved and enriched the centuries old dressage traditions here in America.

Naida Mirza and Coracao de Leao_First Level Regionals 2016

The Sons of the Wind Experience

The Sons of the Wind School of Equestrian Arts offers a diverse selection of European classical dressage experiences for riders of any level through correct demonstration, personalized instruction and progressive practice sessions conducted by Master Vitor Silva. Whether you have not yet been introduced to classical riding or you are seeking an intensive refinement program, the staff at Sons of the Wind Farm provides students, from amateur enthusiasts to instructors and competitive riders of diverse disciplines, the opportunity to discover the functionality of classical training.

All programs are customized to create the ultimate experience for each student, as well as to develop the skills and knowledge of each participant so that the foundation of classical training can be applied at home.

In addition to our classical training experiences, guests can further enrich their Sons of the Wind experience by staying in the 5,800 sq. ft. guest house that includes a full kitchen with modern conveniences. Many guests enjoy cooking together, sharing the day’s experiences with each other on the patio overlooking the farm and the scenic hillside, and congregating in our comfortable snack room adjacent to the riding arena.


The Sons of the Wind Training

At Sons of the Wind Farm you will receive an excellent grounding in the movements of Classical Dressage. With an emphasis on safe horsemanship and harmony between horse and rider, the training is “back to the fundamentals” where you learn something new and improve with each lesson. Proper progression of any concept or skill set begins with the basics of balance, which is defined as the physical response of the rider’s body to the constant multiplanar movement of the horse. To maintain balance, proper seat position (classical position) and vertical and lateral alignment (center of gravity) is essential. Using the same principles the “Old Masters” used many decades ago, Vitor takes no shortcuts in his training methods as he starts with the basics of balance and builds from that foundation as a rider is led through a progression of skills.

Vitor teaches classical dressage techniques via in-hand work, lunge lessons and work on the long lines in groups or traditional independent lessons. This allows riders of all levels to form a deeper understanding, a greater feel for the movements and the appreciation of timing for this demanding art of dressage. It is his passion as an instructor to pass his knowledge on to his students to preserve the classical methods and philosophy that have proven to consistently produce correct, happy horses of all breeds and disciplines.

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The Sons of the Wind Assessment

Using his many years of experience in training both horses and riders, Vitor thoroughly assesses your riding skills. Vitor is highly perceptive in diagnosing your skill level and quickly identifies small problems and technical difficulties before they become unhealthy riding habits and escalate.  Master Vitor conducts preliminary assessments of your riding skills, your riding goals, and designs a plan for Sons of the Wind individual, group, and vacation programs.

Using effective communication, adherence to high standards, and purposeful repetition, mistakes are corrected. Continued advancement is made with each session as you are led through a series of progressive instructions. Ultimately, the horse and rider are in harmony and you become “at one” with the horse.

Vitor believes in mutual respect and harmony between horse and rider and loves both his horses and his riders. Vitor achieves high satisfaction, even self-actualization, when a rider fully learns a lesson or moves to a higher level of performance. He privately internalizes great personal pride in his rider’s accomplishments. Continually striving to make a difference with his riders, he “touches their lives” through their training and evolvement as accomplished riders.

What the Sons of the Wind Riders Say...

“I have just returned from an amazing 3 day riding package at the Sons of the Wind facility. The setting, accommodations, staff, horses and instruction were all of the highest caliber, and came together to provide a learning experience in equestrian art that is like none other I have ever experienced. I was taken through a process of learning that taught me the importance of correct form for the rider as a vehicle to achieve balance, lightness and contact with the horse; allowing the horse then to move with magnificence. These lessons can only be learned with a horse that has been trained by a master trainer and generously shared with the student. The horses at SOTW are not only athletic, but are impeccably trained and have lovely temperaments. I was encouraged to control my position and balance and improve my seat by use of core strength. The importance of timely application of the aids was demonstrated on a daily basis. I would recommend this equestrian learning opportunity to any serious student of Dressage who wishes to improve themselves in order to improve their riding skills and have better communication with the horse.”

Carol Mitchell, NY, Student of the Competitive Package working on second level with her horse.