Sons of the Wind Dressage Riding Programs

For an optimum riding and learning experience, Sons of the Wind Farm offers both three (3) and five (5) day instructional riding packages. Each riding package includes multiple instructional rides per day conducted by Master Vitor Silva and private overnight accommodations at our exquisite guest house. Please continue reading for more information about our riding packages, riding levels, and prices.

Individual Training

By engaging the guidance of a Master a rider will gain a proper grounding in the movements of Classical Dressage as the means for a more rapid progression through the levels. After an initial assessment of your riding skills and a candid discussion of your goals, Vitor will customize a training program designed specifically for your skill level and riding objectives. Considering your time and monetary investments, a training regimen will be created uniquely for you. For local area riders, a weekly riding program can be conveniently scheduled. For out-of-the area riders, a monthly program can be established whereby a serious rider can reserve their time at our guest house.

Group Training

Group classes are conducted when it is beneficial for the riders or if riders come in pairs or groups.  Group lessons are tailored to the goals of each rider just as with an individual lesson. Even though a rider is part of a group, each rider is still treated as an individual and will experience individual instruction during the program.  Depending upon the size of the group, a group lesson will last much longer than an individual lesson as each rider will receive approximately the same amount of individual attention as they would during an individual lesson.

Riding Levels

During a rider’s first lesson at Sons of the Wind Farm, Vitor assesses the individuals skills and expertise to appropriately place the individual in one of the following categories described below.

Intro Riding Level

Explore the possibilities of classical riding. Students new to classical training will experience developing the seat and the aids through lunge and long-line lessons. Vitor will also demonstrate the process of work in hand and the schooling of upper level horses.

Professional Riding Level

This level is an intensive program for upper level riders and trainers. Students will experience the process of working with and training the upper level horses. This package also includes study of work in hand and long lining as well as parallel to the work under saddle.

Competitive Riding Level

This level includes complete evaluation of the rider from the lunge up through the levels. Each rider can expect a complete study of the preparation and precision necessary for successful competition experiences at any level.

*Each class is conducted using our finely trained schoolmasters or on the horse you decide to bring. Rider fees are the same for both individual and group programs.

Sons of the Wind Pricing

Lessons for Local Area Students

Lunge Lessons – $125 per lesson
Classical Dressage Riding Lesson (on a Schoolmaster) – $125 per lesson

Three-Day Riding Package

The package includes a two night stay and six training sessions. The three-day riding package is designed to work on establishing fundamental skills.

Single Occupancy 
$950 per rider (extra night is $95 each)

Double Occupancy 
$860 per rider (extra night is $55 each)

Non-Rider Fee
$50 per day, $100 per night (single occupancy), or $55 per night (double occupancy)

*All reservations require prior, full payment (non-refundable) for confirmation.
*After reservations are confirmed, date change administration fee: $100.00

Five-Day Riding Package

The package includes a four night stay and ten training sessions. The five-day riding package is designed to continue developing and refining fundamental skills. 

Single Occupancy 
$1,600 per rider (extra night is $85 each)

Double Occupancy 
$1,450 per rider (extra night is $50 each)

Non-Rider Fee
$50 per day, $90 per night (single occupancy), or $50 per night (double occupancy)

*All reservations require prior, full payment (non-refundable) for confirmation.
*After reservations are confirmed, date change administration fee: $100.00

Additional Pricing Information

Boarding and training for your personal horse must be pre-approved and fees will be quoted separately.
ALL reservations require prior, FULL payment (non-refundable) for confirmation.
After reservations are confirmed, date change administration fee: $100

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Lodging Information

Join us for a two or four-night stay in the Sons of the Wind 5,800 sq. ft. guest house that includes a full kitchen with modern conveniences. Breakfast is included in overnight guest visits. Early arrival can be arranged if you would like to arrive the day prior to starting your riding.

Other Local Activities

In addition to Sons of the Wind Farm, the New England area offers a variety of activities to take part in. Local area attractions include: Professional sports teams that include the Boston Celtics and Boston Bruins; theatre and opera in nearby Boston, Manchester NH, Concord NH and Portland ME; art and science museums; antique shops; outlet malls; fine dining; unique boutique shops in Portsmouth NH, Newburyport MA, Newbury Street in Boston; local area college sports, art, music, theatre and lecture events; craft fairs and many other local area activities while staying in unique country inns or Bed and Breakfast lodges located in quaint small towns throughout the area. There is a venue that will satisfy anyone’s interests!

To inquire about the availability of our guest rooms, please call us directly on 978-423-3345 or complete our contact form HERE. We will respond to all inquiries.