Sons of the Wind Schoolmasters

Mr. Vitor Silva is a native of Portugal. His studies, combined with his great passion for the horse, helped him develop a remarkable ability and finesse in communicating with his equine partners with the aim of becoming living art in motion. Vitor is a master trainer who has the ability to carefully select and train the “library” of talented schoolmasters that are available at Sons of the Wind School of Equestrian Art. Without using any shortcuts in his training methods, he devotes many hundreds of hours to each Lusitano so that it achieves the highest level of training.


Chestnut Stallion, 2004. Zodiaco is a fiery, red stallion schooled through the FEI levels with the talent and training to teach our visitors with aspirations to ride at the higher levels.


Gray Gelding, 2004. Zico is a steady gelding that teaches rhythm, consistency and use of seat for riders of all levels.


Gray Stallion, 1997. Quando is our prince of the barn, with his flowing mane and kind eye. From piaffing on a piano during performances to teaching riders how to feel the upper level movements on the long lines, Quando has the ability to teach riders the Spanish walk, Spanish trot, piaffe and passage.


Chestnut Stallion, 1998. Rivoli, our animated chestnut stallion, is one of our performance horses that can teach all levels of riders from beginner through advanced.


Cremello Gelding, 2002. Viscoso is a beautiful mover with an incredible work ethic. Viscoso is a horse that can help riders accomplish their first lead changes or help more experienced riders work on their tempi changes.


Black Gelding, 2005. Amoroso is an honest, kind hearted horse that can take riders from the lunge line to independent riding and working on lead changes and piaffe.


Gray Gelding, 2003. Xairel is trained through Grand Prix and is a sensitive and talented horse who has performed with Vitor around the country. Xairel is a horse able to teach the most advanced students wanting to work on their timing and feel of the upper level movements.

What the Sons of the Wind Riders Say...

I love horse trekking in Iceland but on a recent trip I had a nasty fall that left me with a concussion, balance issues and restrictions from my doctor on riding. I was eager to start riding again despite barely being able to sit on a horse and not even sure if had any confidence left to ride.

I started the lunge line lessons with Vitor and his school master Amoroso just to get back into riding in a safe environment. I progressed more quickly than I expected and have even gone trailing riding again, something I thought would take me as much as a year before I would do it. But I am hooked on lunge lessons for their own benefit. I have learned how to use my body better and improved my awareness of the horse.

In the Boston area we are very fortunate to have Vitor and his school and schoolmasters so close by. I also appreciate the atmosphere at Sons of the Wind as I have the opportunity to observe other horses and riders and to watch Vitor work with his beautiful Lusitanos as well and to ask questions. The teaching does not start and stop just on the lunge line. Just as importantly, I have been able to easily apply these lessons to the Icelandic horse I ride. He has been moving better and even his owner says he seems to look forward to our rides. I have improved enough that I am planning my next horse trek this summer. The classical training principles truly apply to all horses and riders. I look forward to continuing my lessons at Sons of the Wind.”

Julie Malik